Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here is the story accompanying my Hello layout we needed to send in.

I stopped scrapbooking a year ago and sold all my supplies on eBay. I know, silly girl! Why? Well I think that’s one for the doctor’s couch! Best left in the vault for now. I am fresh, willing and able to start all over again with new ideas, techniques and products.

I tried simply inserting photos in albums for hubby, God love him, but he noticed I mounted them on cardstock, “just to give a bit of colour” I declared with a smile.

Then I stopped. They just looked naked and unfinished. They needed to be dressed and given the perfect accessories they deserved. So how will I accessorize?

With both products and collaboration from Docrafts creativity and yours truly – ‘the perfect apprentice’. I have ideas galore churning in my mind and I am ready to create and attend to those photos with that delicate balance of ingenuity that they deserve.

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  1. Hi Lee! I love your work! Wow! Your layout is fantastic that got published in Creativity! mag. I can see it much better on your blog and it's really well done! Good luck! :)